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The Company

Operating since October, the pellet plant was a bet of the company to enter a new area of business, aiming at the estimated increase in the consumption of pellets in the European market, which according to market studies of the biomass associations of Europe, predicts that the consumption of high-quality wood pellets will double by 2020.

It is precisely because of the commitment to a quality product that the company will focus on the market, not only for the certification of the company and the product, but also for the investment in the best and latest technologies available worldwide.


With the objective of producing high quality pellets, aimed at domestic consumption and taking into account the large installed production capacity, the export will be an unavoidable bet, although never neglecting the national market. Other commitments of this company will be the adoption of best practices in the use of natural resources. The use of raw materials with sustainable origin certification FSC and PEFC, which guarantee the chain of responsibility in the use of forest resources which will always be one of the objectives. Another objective will be the use of biomass derived from the use of forest leftovers in the thermal energy production process to be used in the production process of the pellet production line. In this way, waste will be valued that could otherwise be fire propagation factors. In order to achieve this objective, the company intends to acquire a new equipment for the collection and processing of biomass and that is adapted to the demands of the reality of the forests.